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    Tuesday, February 22, 2005

    Astrocenter Report - Part 9

    Instinctive Motivations:
    Restraint, control, discipline, excellence.
    Assimilation; sense of association and cooperation.

    Primary Psychological Functions:
    Perceiving, identifying, establishing, justifying.
    Communicating, discussing, uniting, reconciling.

    Career Activities and Resources:
    Controlling, counting, filing, analyzing, measuring, refining, grasping, checking, regulating, fabricating, providing care.
    Balancing, reconciling, respecting, harmonizing, refining, embellishing.

    Symbolic Tools and Elements:
    Health, animals, small objects, manufactured goods.
    Luxuries, amusements, recreational objects; the good and the beautiful.

    [I don't quite understand how to integrate all the above to the larger assessment. However, several items strike me as quite accurate.

    Sense of association is indeed one of my primary characteristics for having an ideal career.

    I don't know what the psychological function is suppose to mean, but discussion is one item from those listed that I revel on.

    Career activities are pretty much on the "mundane" (or "conventional" as Merkler would have categorize it) with the exception of analyzing and checking (of course, depends on the scope).

    I don't know what symbolic tool meant either, but it may explain why I love electrical gadgets alot (small objects and manufactured goods?). Well, talking about manufactured goods, turns out that food is also one of them. For the amusement and recreational object, I like movies and books (particularly comic books and magazines).]

    ~ to be continued ~

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