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    Sunday, May 22, 2005

    Star Wars vs. Star Trek - Part 3

    Star Wars episode 3 has been out for four days now... and I still haven't watched it.

    I know that the first week release would generate a tremendous amount of excitement and would result in extremely long lines. I didn't even bother to try watching it in the first week. Perhaps, after Memorial Day?

    Oh, and did you know that wrote an article with the same title, "Star Wars vs. Star Trek"? Talk about coincidence...

    Yeah, you can read the article at

    Monday, May 09, 2005

    Star Wars vs. Star Trek - Part 2

    Star Wars episode 3 is looming on the horizon...

    From what I have seen at its website ( and the trailer, I think this one could be a lot better than the previous two episodes. The original trilogy is still the best, and since episode one flopped big time, the second trilogy wouldn't live up to its original standard (story-telling wise).

    Special effects has always been a treat for Star Wars. There's just plenty of it! even in comparison with Star Trek. Action are more hands-on thanks to the light-saber and lightning fast thanks to smaller and nimbler ships. Wired magazine rated the light-saber as the second-coolest sword in the motion picture history (the first being Hattori Hanzo sword used by Uma Thurman character in Kill Bill). Ships in Star Wars galaxy are extremely fast and maneuverable, which of course result in plentiful action.

    Compared this to Star Trek. Ships in the Trek universe are big and slow. Plus, the action is brief and simplistic (fire a phaser and you're done). However, the appeal of Star Trek is different than Star Wars. Ships in the Trek universe have high consistency (aesthetically and technically). Technologies are advanced, and yield a high degree of possibility, even the transporter. Star Trek production really make use of its consultants, so a lot of the technologies used in the series can be explained by real-life science. (Even the modern cell-phone is said to have similarities with Capt. Kirk's communicator used in Star Trek series in the 1960s).

    As for the action, Star Trek has been catching up in the Dominion War storyline, but I think it really is not the main attraction.