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    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    I Got Promoted!

    Wow, it really has been a year since I wrote anything online. Yeah, you read it right, I passed my Management Trainee program and got promoted as a Junior Analyst in the Equity Research Division. This is going to be a daunting adventure and very possibly going to determine my future career path. I guess everything do happen for a purpose. This is no exception.

    DANG! I got so melodramatic there. At any rate, I'm going to sign the new contract next Monday and it officially begins. Because of the nature of the job, I will start writing again and possibly reactivate the dormant And since I've got a more reliable broadband connection for the past 2 months (somebody say 3G!), it might just happen like the old times. Oh, probably not just quite, I may have the connection now, but I need a more capable computer to handle it (blame it on Apple for delaying Leopard release to October, now I have to wait until then to buy a MacBook).

    Oh, and last but not least, thank you for all of your support, prayer, guidance, and patience. It has been a fun and challenging year. I expect no less for the next ride, and I hope you can enjoy it with me.