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    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    Washington DC - Day 6 (May 29, 2005)

    I wasn't planning to spend most of the day watching TV, but it turned out just that. Salman went home for the weekend so I planned to explore more of this city, just as I had been doing for the past week and would continue to do so for the next month. So, I turned on the TV just to see what's on, and to keep me company while I cooked and ate my lunch (you know, sometimes it's just feel weird without at least some noise in the background).

    So as I flipped through the channels, Bravo ( came up, with its show "Project Runway". The show was a competition/reality-based series involving a group of aspiring fashion designers. So, initially there were 12 amateur designers, who later got eliminated one-by-one throughout the series. The winner would supposedly received marketing exposure to the industry and $100k to fund his/her own product line. Sounds exciting, right? well, not in the beginning. I thought it would be just another reality show. But man, the competition itself was something! I mean, they were only given a short amount of time not only to design, but make the clothes for whatever the challenge was for that week. That mean, they had to pick the material, measure them, sew the material, choose the model, etc, etc for less than a day most of the time. So, I got hooked for more than 6 hours watching the series marathon (they were re-runs, after all).

    Like most reality TVs, lots of drama were involved, but mostly I liked to watch the finished products, the designs themselves (some were good, others were just outrageous). Even when the winner was announced, I thought it was a fair judgment, compared to some other reality series. Overall, I think Project Runway is watchable and you might learn a thing or two about the fashion design industry. See it for yourself at to learn more about the show, and maybe catch the next re-runs.

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