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    Sunday, November 02, 2008



    And I thought I wouldn't make as much as a whisper during the 3-minute session of an Obake attraction. According to Wikipedia, Obake refers to a state of transformation, and often translated as ghost. Although it is said to be different from the spirits of the dead, it is synonymous to yurei (ghost of deceased human being) in its secondary usage.

    While  there were lots of things going on during the Indonesia-Japan Expo 2008 -- which in this case quite a lot for just Rp 10,000 ticket price, it includes Manga exhibition, corporate booths, mini photo studio Yukata, 3D Shinkansen show, Mitsubishi i-miev test drive, foreign student panel discussion, Ikebana demonstration, Indie J Band competition, Cosplay competition,  and tons of other things -- Obake would be hands down the highlight of the day here.

    It was by far held the longest line. We were actually stood up in line for almost 2 hours! All for a 3-minute attraction! But, it was worth it. It was fun, and at that time, both scary and startling experience. I jumped up at least twice from my slow walk across the dark labyrinth, where suddenly from a corner appeared... Obake! Kyaaa..!!

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