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    Friday, October 15, 2004

    Astrocenter Report - Part 4

    Generally, he does not see the world in objective terms; instead, he bases his attitude on the feelings various situations arouse inside him. Likewise, in human relationships, he tends to project his imaginary reality onto others instead of seeing them for what they are. As a result, his judgments and reasoning are sometimes deprived of perspective. He should make an effort to refrain from over interpreting other people's actions, because, being the product of his imagination in most cases, his interpretations are mistaken. If he applies himself to listening more openly, people may reveal their deeper motivations. He'll be happier and more effective as a result.

    Due to the influence of Mercury, which dominates his birth chart, mental and intellectual energy rules YOGA's personality. He has his own philosophy, and his vision of the world is fairly orderly: it does not exceed the limits of linguistic expression. A sociable, adaptable person, he needs to keep moving in search of novelty and mental excitement. He enjoys talking, communicating, and conveying; bringing people and ideas together, creating games with words and meaning.

    [This is kind of contradictory since Astrocenter emphasizes my analytical trait, and yet it says that I'm subjective in my observation of people and the world. I think this can be reconciled, although explanation of it would be lengthy. I'll write about it more in the future, but for now it can be said that in an effort to analyze objectively, I sometimes tend to use subjective criteria to comprehend things I don't quite understand yet. In a sense, "testing out" my "hypothesis".

    Some of my friends describes me of having my own way of thinking; Astrocenter describes it as my own "philosophy". I like variety so it correctly assessed my need of mental stimulation. I don't necessarily enjoy talking, but I like communicating my ideas.]

    ~ to be continued ~

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