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    Wednesday, October 27, 2004

    Astrocenter Report - Part 5

    Talents and Abilities:

    As an employee, YOGA needs to feel like a free agent. He is quite independent and will only occasionally work with a team, on a specific task. He is especially attracted to unconventional work environments where innovative techniques and structures are the norm.

    YOGA's penchant for examining the mysterious, hidden side of human relations and things in general may seem enigmatic and twisted to some. Psychologically, he is shrewd and clever, but he does not always try to be diplomatic in his relations with others.

    YOGA is pragmatic, and figures that any work deserves a salary. More than most, he has a gift for speculation as well as a talent for money management. He rarely loses sight of his interests, and increasing his personal wealth is one of his main motivations.

    [I guess most of them are true. I am quite flexible with workplace settings, I can do teamwork or solo and switch depending on the task. Being a double-major taught me to balance between the two.

    The penchant for mysterious stuff has been there all along. I call it "curiosity". This is the part of me that got people consider me as a "deep thinker". I might not be as socialite in the past, but I have improved a lot during my college years.

    Pragmatism has been a balancing trait of my personality. I'm pragmatic enough not to be delusional, but also enough to not hinder my creative thinking.

    Money management still hold my interest. So, if I don't get to use it at work, I'll just manage my own money then.]

    ~ to be continued ~

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