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    Wednesday, October 20, 2004

    Astrocenter Report - Professional Diagnosis

    [There is still a long way to go for the Astrocenter report. Starting from this point until the next, the analysis will focus on the professional aspect of my personality.]


    Professional Diagnosis

    A professional forecast is the result of a complex analysis. The human personality is so full of complications and contradictions that a given individual is quite likely to succeed in a field quite other than his primary sphere of competence; likewise, it is altogether possible for him to fail in what he had always been told was his natural calling. Moreover, psychological compensation mechanisms, which are entirely unpredictable at the outset, can make drastic changes in an individual's innate abilities (i.e. Toulouse-Lautrec's determination to succeed as an artist despite his physical handicap). Sociological data have demonstrated at length that an individual's destiny is overwhelmingly influenced by the social and cultural background into which he is born. But we cannot take such important criteria into consideration here. The intention of this forecast is to point out YOGA's true motivations, and the chief psychological functions which have contributed to his social and professional identity. We will complete the description with an analysis of his behavior and advice about the best approach to adopt in dealing with life.

    ~ to be continued ~


    hanzky said...

    aah astrocenter mlulu...crita2nya mannaahh??

    Mr. Y said...

    Sebenernya gue crita2 juga lagi, cuman di blog "rahasia" gue.. happy hunting dee..

    Dhania said...

    mau donkkk blog rahasia hiehiehhhhehe

    Mr. Y said...

    Gampang lagi nyarinya, gue ngga pernah nulis di hari yang sama, jadi kalo nemu cocokin aja tanggalnya.. heuheuheu