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    Monday, March 29, 2010

    New Template: Watermark

    The first time I wrote a post in 2004, I was using Blogger's Snapshot Tequila template, with green-colored theme. Three years later, I overhauled my blog. Employing Blogger's No. 565 template at the time. Today, three years after, I make-over my blog yet again.

    I have asked the question since 2007, on when Blogger would update its template portfolios as they became stale very quickly. Lo and behold, they gave the answer couple weeks ago. And such an opportune time, as I had been contemplating on the redundancy of keeping two blogs. Well, Blogger has bought itself a new lease on life. I'm keeping my homepage for sure, now powered by Wordpress CMS. But, I'm also keeping my Blogger still.

    I use a new template, Josh Peterson's Watermark, on a theme color traditional to all incarnations of this blog, green. Starting today, until perhaps, 2013?

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